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USA Championship
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Abkürzung --
Year 2007
Status aktiv
Typus Meisterschaft
city Eau Claire ,USA Claire,USA city-globe
Nation USA
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Year Goldteam.jpg Silber.jpg Bronzeteam.jpg Metallteam.jpg more Icon Turnier.png
2014 Team Knockerheads Kubbsicles King Pin Flippin' Batons USA Championship_2014



The U.S. National Kubb Championship is the largest kubb tournament outside of Europe and one of the largest in the world.

It is one of two two-day tournaments, along with the World Championship in Rone, Gotland in Sweden.

The tournament was started in 2007 in Eau Claire, WI.

On December 13, 2011, Eau Claire, WI officially became the Kubb Capital of North America.


Jahr USA Champion Vice - Champion 3.Platz 4.Platz weitere Infos
2007 Holy Guacamoles (San Diego, CA) Toasted Bagels (Duluth, MN) Kubblicans (Eau Claire, WI) Lone Rangers (Eau Claire, WI)
2008 Peanut Butter Root Beer Snakes (Duluth, MN) The Mighty McKies (Rosemount, MN) Shinjury Synergy (Eau Claire, WI) Team Megan and Dan (Eau Claire, WI)
2009 Savage Stick Flickers (Savage, MN) Koobie Doos (St. Paul/Winona, MN) Kubb - Son of Kubb (Rosemount, MN) Tad Kubbler (Minneapolis, MN)
2010 The Ringers (Eau Claire, WI) Default (Eau Claire, WI) Tad Kubbler (Minneapolis, MN) Time Math (Eden Prairie, MN)
2011 Team Knockerheads (Des Moines, IA/Leavenworth, KS) Kubbin' Missile Crisis (Shafer, MN) Kubbsicles (Eau Claire, WI) Tiger Blood (Duluth/Minneapolis, MN)
2012 Kubbsicles (Eau Claire, WI) Team Knockerheads (Des Moines, IA/Kansas City, KS) Leinenkubbels (Eau Claire, WI) Kubbitz (Eau Claire, WI)
2013 Kubbsicles (Eau Claire, WI) King Pin (Chaska, MN) Team Knockerheads (Des Moines, IA/Kansas City, KS) Kubbitz (Eau Claire, WI)