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Kubb-exercise, Kubb-Help, game technique und Kubb-training

As in all sports, constant and targeted practice leads to constant improvement. Kubb makes it easy for beginners to do sports and to gain success. Through specific exercises Kubb is not only suitable for funsport, but also presents a challenge in the sporting sense. In this KubbSchool we provide Kubb exercises and Kubb explanations for individual Kubb training and show how Kubb can be used in school sports, for example.

We look forward to links and further exercises. Our templates can also be used for this.

We look forward to links and further exercises. Our templates can also be used for this (Eigenes_Turnier_veranstalten).

Links to our school portal ( are welcome!

Kubb Unterricht

Kubb Unterricht

Basics training Material Interessantes
1 rules training Figuren
2 Spielablauf KW Kubbwikistechen.pdf

Kubb-exercise: Wiki_Stechen

Spielfeld Kubb im Sportuntericht

2a game technique Throw-in 1 Spielsets
2a Throw-in 2
3a Trefferzone Material own Tournament Tip
3b ‎Kubb Lektion Zieltreffen
4 KW Powerwurfuebung1.pdf Kubb-exercise: Powerwurfübung / Blaster Training KW Kubbfeld1.pdf Kubb-field-Worksheet
5 Kategorie:Abk Kubb-Kick_Spiel Pdf icon.png Spielformular
6 Kubbkicker


Match report Add

Icon Cabinet 01 256x256.png

Match report-Archive
7 Koenigsbefreier ; Kubb-Gang-Spiel
7 Arc-Blasting, Schutzring
9 10Koenige, Doublette Base
10 Kubb quadrat, Die_Bruecke

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