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Kurzinfo: Informationen zu Kubbspielen und Herrstellern inkl. Testberichte.

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Of course a man has to build his own Kubb game in his life. You can find instructions for building your own Kubb game suitable for tournaments on our website: own Kubb game.


However, there is a whole range of good Kubb games that can be bought ready to play. Here is a list of manufacturers who sell and produce Kubb games. If you know other manufacturers, please feel free to add them to the list:

Kubb Games

You can find an overview of finished products here. There are test reports for some products. You can also rate each game yourself. If you know other Kubb products, please feel free to add them here:

Lade …


You can find information on the best wood and material for Kubb on our special page: Material

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