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Fashion in Kubb sport for women

In Kubbsport, too, the question of fashion arises for every woman.

In this section we want to discuss what to wear, what not to wear.

KUBB Shop - Ideen zum Wikingerschach

KUBB Shop - Ideen zum Wikingerschach

What does the woman of the world wear in the next season on the Kubbfeld?

What do you need in clothes for playing Viking chess / Kubb?

What clothes are better not to wear when playing Kubb?

What fashion accessories are part of the sport of Kubb?

Men fashion

What the boss wears on the field? The modern Viking with Bermudas and flip-flop?

Kubb Schiedsrichter

Kubb Schiedsrichter

The coming fashion trend

Our fashion gurus are sure to find the right fashion answer.

Here in the Kubbwiki are extensive articles which explain Frauen- and Männer- fashion in Kubbsport in more detail.

Children's fashion in Kubbsport

For this we ask to find suggestions from the fields of men's and women's fashion.

If an expert in children's fashion can be found, this section will also be opened.

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