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Als Kubbfan reicht es nicht nur aus ein Kubbspiel und ein Kubb T-Shirt zu besitzen.

As a Kubb fan, it's not enough to just own a Kubb game and a Kubb T-shirt. "A fan is a person who in the long term has a passionate relationship with one for him external, public, either personal, collective, representational, abstract or sporting fan object has and in the emotional relationship with this object resources how time and / or money invested. (Def. "

Fans also need gifts, so let's see what fan products are all about.

What do you give a Kubb player?

What do I give a Viking chess fan?

What ideas are there for a Kubbteam?

What is the Kubb?

Is there anything innovative about the Kubb?

KUBB Shop - Ideen zum Wikingerschach

KUBB Shop - Ideen zum Wikingerschach

Here we collect ideas, inspirations and product links to other sites that might be interesting for Kubbspieler and Kubbfans!

Kubb Book - Books for Kubb

Books about Kubb / Viking chess etc. please look under Kubbbooks.


Finished Kubbspiele and ideas for own Kubbspiele please look under.


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Capt'n Sharky Fight the Vikings

'Type' Tischkubbspiel

'Publisher:' The Spiegelburg

'Art.No .:' 11034

'Number of players:' 2-4 years from 5 years

'Playing time:' about 10 minutes

'Description:' Table variant of the successful Viking chess (Kubb game). With a marble puck the characters of the opposing team have to be knocked over. Only when all Vikings have been hit, the Viking chief may be attacked. Wooden figures.


WeyKick® Kubbolino 270

'Type' Tischkubbspiel

'Players:' 2 players

'Material:' wood

'Dimensions playing area:' 71 x 46 cm incl. 11 playing figures and 3 balls

'Description:' : The Vikings must defeat all defenders using the catapult, then the Great King.


Vikings Dice Chess

For do-it-yourself

'Game:' '

'Material:' 2 x 6 cubes in two different colors (for example red and blue); 7 short, narrow bars in yellow, each 6 short bars in blue and red (or the selected cube colors) and 1 small block in yellow. In addition, a simple Din A4 sheet is still necessary, this may e.g. serve the printed instructions.

'How to play:'


Glass clock "I Love Kubb"

'Type:' Kubbuhr

'Dimensions:' Ø 18 cm, thickness: 0.5 cm,

'Material:' Glass -

Rating: With the saying! I love Kubb "maybe not exactly innovative, but also classics make nice gifts.

Ideas-Glass Clock-Christmas-Gift Tips/dp/B01CSMAQEW Link-Amazon


Black Kubbwiki Hoodie

Here in the Kubbwiki are extensive articles, which [Kubbmode_Frauen | Women's]] and Men's fashion in Kubbsport explained in more detail.

A t-shirt can always use man, woman, child and fan club. Here are some design ideas:


Bags for Kubbspiele



Kubb Apps Android

At the moment there are not many apps for Kubb. You can find some interesting Kubbapp here