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Kubb lernen mit Kubbwiki (Schule)

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der Portal:KubbSchool empfohlen.

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Create Form Tournament

What kind of event is this?

  • WM = World Cup
  • EM = European Championship
  • Meisterschaft = National Championship of a localized area, e.g. Switzerland, Germany, state Hesse
  • Liga = A series of games over a longer period!
  • Turnier= Any other kuburn tournament
  • Ranking= Final result of a ranking, this is the result of several tournaments / games.
  • Messe = Fair will be presented at the Kubb Games!
  • Clubintern = No Public Tournament. These tournaments do not apply to the Kubbwiki Champions
  • unbekannt = workshops, promotional event, demo show related to Kubb, e.g. create your own Kubbspiel, throw improvement, show fights

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