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player Ross Hanson

Ross Hanson
Limb of a Kubb Unklar unclear
Nation USA
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Nation-globe USA

"Landesflagge von" USA

player beginning 2011
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Ross Hanson ist in 0 Veranstaltungen eingetragen.

Year - place Tournament Nation points evaluation
✔ Yes

✔ Yes

Kubbwiki Champions Ross Hanson

Kubbwiki Championspoints USA 2013 - 2019

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Ross Hanson00000000

Kubbwiki Champions globe points 2013 - 2019

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Ross Hanson00000000



player Ross Hanson Statistics

Batons hit: 0
Baton miss: 0
Baton hit percent: 0
Kubbs thrown: 0
Kubbs rethrown: 0
Kubbs penalty: 0
Kubbs penalty percent: 0
King hit: 0
King miss: 0
King hit percent: 0

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