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Spieler Paul Mullen

Paul Mullen
"Bild von" Paul Mullen
Wurfarm no information
Nation USA
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Nation-Globus USA

"Landesflagge von" USA

Spieler Spielbeginn 0000
Spieler Spielende 2017
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Kubbwiki Champions Paul Mullen

Kubbwiki ChampionsPunkte USA 2013 - 2019

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Paul Mullen00000000

Kubbwiki Champions Globus Punkte 2013 - 2019

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Paul Mullen00000000



Spieler Paul Mullen Statistik

Batons hit: 0
Baton miss: 0
Baton hit percent: 0
Kubbs thrown: 0
Kubbs rethrown: 0
Kubbs penalty: 0
Kubbs penalty percent: 0
King hit: 0
King miss: 0
King hit percent: 0


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mehr Information

.... Paul will be remembered in so many great ways by so many people. He was truly loved and admired. He had numerous interests and passions. Sweden’s Sons played together from 2010-2012, and it was amazing to play with Paul…literally a perfect teammate and friend. Paul most recently played on the team Kings of the Kinni with friends from River Falls, WI at the U.S. National Kubb Championship every year, where he was one of only three players that had played in all 11 U.S. Championships. Paul was one of the handful of people that founded Berserker Kubb, where he played an important part in forming the vision and mission of Berserker Kubb. Throughout the years, he was a sounding board and generator of ideas for the U.S. Championship. We went out to lunch a few weeks ago, and he could not stop talking about his excitement of Kings of the Kinni finishing 4th in the Bronze Bracket. U.S. Championship Saturday along with the Birkie were two of his favorite days of the year. As strange as it may seem to some, he was truly proud of being associated with Berserker Kubb and the whole kubb community. ........ I can never thank you enough Paul Mullen for your friendship, help, advice, and all the wonderful times we shared together. from