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Kubb,also called "Hägars Viking Chess", "Viking Game", „Bauernkegeln“, „Stöckchenspiel“, "Stick Game", "Sweden Chess" or "Viking Cones", "Viking Chess" and "Wicking Game" is also called "Outdoor Chess" and is a competition between two Parties to rule over a piece of land. The game was already played in the heyday of the Vikings. More about this story. In today's version of the Kubb game, two Kubbt teams compete in a peaceful sporty skill game. The goal of Kubbspiels is to hit the king with a throwing-stick and finish the game.
In this portal you can find all information about Kubb besides Kubbregeln, Kubbspiele, Review, | Kubb news from all over the world, Informationen zu Teams, the best Players with extensive statistics, down to the best Kubbwood. Random themes Kubbmode Fashion, Kubbbooks, Kubb_FanShop and the famous Wikikubbs are also on offer.
In the Kubbschool you will not only find a lot of information on how to improve your cube playing and how to teach Kubb play. There is an extensive section on how to make a fantastic Own Tournament. In our list of events you can not only get suggestions as organizers, but also as a team and player you can find tournaments all over the world and collect important points for the national and international Category:Kubbwiki Champions.

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E-Mail: kubbwiki@kubbwiki.de. Statistics Kubbwiki: Artikel: 8,128; Editionen:16,654; User: 1,201; Team:3494; player:487; Tournament:1301;

Kubb Tournament Calendar

Tournament Year Add Enter information about the current event! Tournament

On this page you find the current Kubb events of the year. The entry includes the date, title of the event, country and type of event. By clicking on the title of the event, you will learn the location, contact details, brief summary of content and a host of other information about the Kubb tournament with further information and links to the organizer, Facebook etc. In the event overview, you can sort the information according to different content. Please click on the triangles next to the headings. A separate overview of the events in a particular country can be obtained by clicking on the appropriate country flag.

Largest kubb calendar in the world

With more than 200 entries per year, our calendar is the largest Kubbal calendar in the world. The easiest way to carry the required data is with this Form, the rest we do for you. Alternatively, you can also simply provide us with the required data via E-Mail. All entries free of charge. The entries are also published on a different page like www.kubbkalender.de. Tournament - Tournament AddIcon Turnier add.png

beginning Nation logo Tournament Icon Turnier.png type
18 Januar 2020 Flagg USA.png Event.jpg 1. Desert Kubb Classic 2020 Turnier
25 Januar 2020 Flagg USA.png Event.jpg 5. Skuffle for the Shovel 2020 Turnier
25 Januar 2020 Flagg USA.png Event.jpg 3. Cabin Fever Sand Kubb Tournament 2020 Turnier
22 Februar 2020 Flagg USA.png Event.jpg 2. Kubb on the Pond 2020 Turnier
21 März 2020 Flagg USA.png Eckc-2019 Transparent BG.png 4. East Coast Kubb Championships 2020 Meisterschaft
28 März 2020 Flagg Belgien.png Event.jpg 4. Kubbtornooi De Rode Lantaarn 2020 Turnier
10 April 2020 Flagg Belgien.png Bekubbst.jpg 2. Bekubbst Derop Solo 2020 Turnier
11 April 2020 Flagg Belgien.png Bekubbst.jpg 7. Bastidekes Paas 2020 Turnier
25 April 2020 Flagg Deutschland.png Event.jpg 11. Gipfeltreffen 2020 Turnier
5 Mai 2020 Flagg Deutschland.png Idok-150x150.jpg 4. International Day of Kubb 2020 Event
16 Mai 2020 Flagg Schweden.png Event.jpg 4. SM i Kubb 1vs1 2020 Turnier
23 Mai 2020 Flagg Deutschland.png Event.jpg 4. Stuttgarter Kubb Open 2020 Turnier
6 Juni 2020 Flagg Belgien.png Event.jpg 9. Chouffekubberstornooi 2020 Turnier
6 Juni 2020 Flagg Deutschland.png Deutsche Doppel Meisterschaft.jpg 6. Deutsche Kubb-Doppelmeisterschaften 2020 Meisterschaft
13 Juni 2020 Flagg Deutschland.png Event.jpg 10. Stuckenborstel Open 2020 Turnier
13 Juni 2020 Flagg Niederlande.png Logo-Troje-117x158.png 3. Kubbtoernooi Vlaardingse Viking 2020 Turnier
13 Juni 2020 Flagg USA.png Original.jpeg 8. Kubbingtokickcancer 2020 Turnier
27 Juni 2020 Flagg Schweiz.png Event.jpg 7. Krienser Kubb-Turnier 2020 Turnier
3 Juli 2020 Flagg Deutschland.png EKA.jpg 3. EKA 2020 Turnier
4 Juli 2020 Flagg Deutschland.png EKA.jpg 3. 1er EKA 2020 Turnier
4 Juli 2020 Flagg Deutschland.png EKA.jpg 3. 6er EKA 2020 Turnier
24 Juli 2020 Flagg Deutschland.png Button EM.jpg 3. EM6 2020 EM
25 Juli 2020 Flagg Deutschland.png Button EM.jpg 10. EM 2020 EM
1 August 2020 Flagg Schweden.png Vmkubblogo.jpg 26. WM 2020 WM
16 August 2020 Flagg Belgien.png Event.jpg 8. Kaatjes Kubbmats Kubbtornooi 2020 Turnier
22 August 2020 Flagg Deutschland.png WMM Logo.jpg 8. World Mixed Masters 2020 WM
29 August 2020 Flagg Deutschland.png Event.jpg 8. Deutsche Einzelmeisterschaft 2020 Meisterschaft
5 September 2020 Flagg Belgien.png Event.jpg 8. Leuvense Kubb Cup 2020 Turnier

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